statistical research paper health care costs

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Statistical research paper health care costs gre practice writing test

Statistical research paper health care costs

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Type of paper: Research Paper. France Health Care Systems U. France Health Care Systems Health care is one of the sectors that top the priorities of most governments throughout the world. It has been identified as one of the factors that enhance the well-being of the people. As such, the health care sector accounts for a greater percentage of government spending on most countries. In the United States, various strategies have been put in place, especially in this Obama regime, to ensure each and every citizen has access to health care services.

Likewise, the French government has also made significant steps towards ensuring profession of high quality health care services for the people. Therefore, health care systems of the two countries, United States and France, have various similarities and differences.

The United States is ranked among the leading countries that spend a larger share of their national income on health care annually. However, based on the World Health Organization WHO ranking, the country does not appear in the top 10 countries with efficient health care systems. Due to lack of efficiency, the country records high mortality rates annually more than most developed countries such as France. However, the mortality rate in the country is relatively high.

This is attributed to the high prevalence of health problems such as homicides, lung and heart diseases, adolescent pregnancies, disability, and injuries. In the United States, life expectance is approximated to be about 78 years. This has been an improvement as compared to in the s, when it used to be about On the other hand, the French health care system has been efficient. The country spends relatively lower percentage of its GDP, about Life expectancy in France is about In fact, France is ranked among the top 10 countries in the world with the highest life expectance.

However, like in the United States, life expectance in France is greatly affected by various health complications starting with cancer, suicide, diabetes, road accidents, and other injuries. In the United States, a big percentage of health care facilities are privately owned and operated.

A large percentage of the population in the United States, especially those below the age of 68 years, is insured either privately or by the employers. On the other hand, in France, health care system is financed by mandatory contributions. Such contributions are made through taxes imposed on salaries. In addition, both the employees and the employers also make their contributions. The self-employed also have a scheme of forwarding their contributions. Furthermore, the central government also sets a sider funds for the same in every financial year.

However, in some cases, the health care users are likely to pay a small percentage of the cost of the services they are accorded France, As mentioned above, health care facilities in the United States are under the control of the private sector, although the government has its own facilities as well. However, the central government has implemented policies that ensure health care system in the country is highly regulated to make it accessible and affordable to every citizen Rodwin, Unlike in the United States, health care system in France is centrally synchronized through the Ministry of health.

Various actors, such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, as well as ambulance companies, are involved in administering. The National Health Service ensures the transfer of finances in the system between the health care providers and the patients France, In the United States physicians comprise of individuals that have gone through the U.

Medical Education System, as well as the international medical graduates that have been licensed to work in the country. Medical professionals holding a medicine degree are often referred to as physicians. Besides, nurses are also part of the health care service providers within the country Medical products are manufactured and produced by private companies Holtz, Nevertheless, the government and private sectors chip in when it comes to funding for research and development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

On the other hand, in France, primary health care is offered by thousands of general practitioners. Specialist health care is also offered by various specialists in various medical areas. Like in the United States, France has two main types of hospitals: state run hopitaux , and privately run cliniques.

However, private run hospitals must be approved by the central government through the Ministry of Health Matcha, As compared to France, health care in United States has a larger number of people who cannot access and afford health care services. Perhaps, because of the financing strategy, and a large percentage of hospitals being privately owned and operated, not many people can afford health care services. The elderly, who are not ensured, form a significant percentage of those who have challenges in accessing health care services Holtz, In France, because health care system is funded and coordinated by the central government, very few people have been left out.

In fact, France is recognized as one of the few countries that cater for almost all its people when it comes to health care services. Therefore, it can be argued that whereas there is inequality in provision of health care services in the United States, all people receive equal health services in France because of the approach it has adopted in financing health care services France, The French Health Care System. Global health in developed societies: United States.

Holtz, Global Healthcare: Issues and policies. Health care systems of the developed world: How the United States' system remains an outlier. Westport, Conn: Praeger. Rodwin, V. Journal of Public Health, 93 1 : We accept sample papers from students via the submission form.

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The literature on evaluating costs for the purpose of cost-effectiveness analysis and that on health econometrics have developed largely. Using visual analytics, we collected economic and health data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A subset of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) contains data covering both employer-based health.