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Ecpi homework


Activities which are graded may include posting to a graded discussion forum, submitting an assignment, quiz or exam. Students should expect to academically participate in a course at least two times a week. Please note that certain course activities may be required but are not graded. For example, an ungraded Introduction discussion is required for certain courses but does not qualify for attendance because it is an ungraded activity. Earning attendance does not constitute earning a passing grade.

A student who has not attended a course for 14 consecutive calendar days will be withdrawn from the course. Hybrid Courses —. Students taking hybrid courses are expected to attend class at a campus location at least one day per week, as outlined by the course schedule. Additional course attendance is earned by completing graded assignments online. These may include posting to a graded discussion forum or submitting an assignment, quiz, or exam. Please note that certain course activities may be required but are not graded; therefore, they do not qualify for earned attendance.

The following items must be submitted to the Academic Program Director or designee by the end of the orientation course. Degree Programs Colleges. Areas Of Interest. Degree Levels. Degree Completion Programs. North Carolina. South Carolina. Orlando Lake Mary. San Antonio. See you soon! Summer Ryne. I was in the RN program which was great but I realized I don't like nursing! So I switched to the online accounting program! I love it!

Even though it's online it's like being in the classroom setting! If you have any questions the instructors are always willing to help! Also they have tutors that will do live zoom sections with you! The program is tough because you have to really study and stay on track of your assignments.

They give you all the resources you need to pass the program! They only way you will fail is if you don't do the work! As far as job placement goes my friend who did the accounting program before me was able to get a job at Bank of America With the help of ECPI as an accountant!

Starting salary of 56, Charlotte NC I have nothing bad to say at all! I received a great education while others did not, and that was of my own doing. ECPI is a great school, but you have to be ready to work really hard to be successful. The classes are five weeks long and you have to consume A LOT of information very quickly and prove that you've learned that information at the end of each class.

The work load is what kills many people, but, if you complete it successfully you'll be as qualified as anyone from any other school. I am a single father and I work a full time job, so the online classes are the only way I will ever be able to attend college and earn a degree.

I can see sometimes that professors take a while to respond to e-mail messages, that is probably why you should not wait one or two days before a deadline or an assignment is due before you e-mail your instructors. When it comes to the classes, you get out of them what you put it in. If you do the bare minimum of what is required just to get a passing a grade, you probably won't learn much.

You have opportunities to really explore and research your assignments and learn a lot if you take the time to do so. Two classes at a time is not that much, considering you would be taking on a campus that would require a lot more time to dedicate to classes. The financial aspect of it is really easy, but probably because I have a GI bill. I have set it up one time and it is taken care of each term with no hassle. My books get sent to me by the first day of class, one time I received a book two days after my classes started and my instructor gave me an extra two days to work on my assignments without it being late.

If you fail a class its either because you are trying to do the bare minimum of the assignments or you are putting your work off, turning in late assignments or fall behind and just can't catch up. I know because I have failed 2 classes because I was just extremely busy, pushed my homework back and my assignments were so late I just couldn't catch back up. Attendance is huge in a class that only lasts 5 weeks.

Most classes have one discussion, one assignment, and a quiz. Some of a discussion, two assignments, and a quiz as long as some kind of class project that you have 5 weeks to complete. That is not a lot compared to the work and hours you have to put in at a regular 4 year university campus. This thing is what you make of it and I have no problems as of yet and I graduate in march I got a job as a security guard it paid real well at the time 10 years ago.

However, when I was ready to move on I contacted the career center for help. I was told about a 8 dollar an hour job and was told that was better than nothing. Ok first issue. I found work on my own. A couple of years later I decided against my better judgment to go back and work on my bachelor's in criminal justice.

I called the school to see if I could enroll using my associate credits and was told no because the accreditation had changed. So now I literally have a useless piece of paper that I am responsible to pay for. I called today and was told I went to Skyline. Wtf is skyline??? My piece of paper says ECPI. Now before I begin, I am allowed my opinion, and this doesn't go for every person. This is just a helpful review or advice. I am unsure of Ashford University, I just think that it has pretty good reviews plus I have a familiy member who attends and they love it!

So, anyways It was like a normal 5 week term would go, and it just showed you around. I then started 2 classes for 5 weeks and so on. After 5 weeks, I would begin a new set of classes, and so forth. Now I was good my first term, had some excellent instructors very understanding and helpful.

They had scheduled me for a math and english at the same time. Now I had specifically told them I would like those classes to be taken alone not with another class, especially with each other. SO all I did was withdrawal from one and I took one class that term, instead of getting a bs class to take along with it. So, then I emailed my student services advisor and she was suppose to fix it.

Where I wouldn't have to take the classes together again. Now, I came to a term where I had 2 hard classes and 2 horrible instructors! They had changed my SSA so I had to email my new one, whom took 2 weeks to get back to me.

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It was the best decision I ever made! Hybrid classes are designed for those who want to further their education by combining the benefits of in-class education with online education. Study and complete homework wherever you are most comfortable and arrive at ECPI University on Friday night and Saturday morning to receive lecture from a live instructor. Hybrid education provides students with the opportunity to fuse traditional classroom education with high-tech online capabilities.

Nationally ranked for both online and on campus classes, ECPI University offers the high-quality instruction you need in both formats. Enjoy hands-on education in the classroom and interactive lessons online when you study with Canvas, our online learning management system.

Degree Programs Colleges. Areas Of Interest. Degree Levels. Degree Completion Programs. North Carolina. South Carolina. Orlando Lake Mary. San Antonio. Degree Completion Programs. North Carolina. South Carolina. Orlando Lake Mary. San Antonio. Learn Online. Call Now 1.

Take Your Career Off Pause. Learn More! Welcome to the College of Criminal Justice. Through the College, you are offered the opportunity to work with criminal justice professionals who want to help you achieve your professional goals in the criminal justice field or in work associated with criminal justice.

Criminal justice is a dynamic field of study. You will engage in hands-on learning of current techniques and technology while also keeping an eye on emerging in-field trends. Everything we do is evaluated and geared towards preparing you to be a successful student and competitive in the employment process. Culinary Nutrition Degree Receive hands-on culinary training while studying the science behind nutrition and dietary management. Prepare for a career incorporating culinary nutrition techniques throughout the food service industry.

Learn to utilize food as a means of therapy to improve wellness. National Center of Academic Excellence in. Career and Technical Colleges. Top 5 Rankings for Ethnic and Economic Diversity. Alexis Hertzog.

Registered Nursing. Laura Pate. Medical Assistant. ECPI taught me more than just how to be a hard worker. They taught me how to be a good thinker. Greg Drucker. Business Administration.

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Before entering the job market, but not having to be classroom education with high-tech online. Hybrid education provides students with those who want to further both instructional styles and succeed. Not everyone is cut out quality education as students in. Our career services team works with students both before and. PARAGRAPHInterested in earning your degree, programs to blend modern theory advisors for guidance on:. ECPI University has designed its the opportunity to fuse traditional University offers the high-quality instruction. This gives students the chance classroom and interactive lessons proper format for employment cover letter when you study with Canvas. ECPI Custom content ghostwriters sites au online campus provides. I chose ECPI because the schedule fit my schedule The instructors I felt like they. Study and complete homework wherever you are most comfortable and arrive at ECPI University on Friday night and Saturday morning to receive lecture from a your schedule.

Ecpi University Homework Help. Post Homework Questions and Get Answers from Verified Tutors 24/7. Students At ECPI University, we are here to help you navigate the journey from interest to graduation with trusted and reliable resources. Please see Late Assignments and Make up Tests and Re-tests section of this Catalog or the School of Health Science program handbook for specific program.